So who am I? I’m a photographer, a motorcycle rider, and writer.  Over the past ten years I have written articles and reviews for NashvilleRiders, webBikeWorld, and on my own site, MotorCycleWords. Over the past decade I have traveled to Barber Motorsports Park to cover the MotoAmerica (formerly AMA Pro Racing) and Vintage Festival events.

Prior to shooting motosports my only sports photography experience had been basketball and equestrian eventing. I knew the high speeds that are a part of motorcycle racing would present a challenge and I was right. It took a lot of practice and patience to get a handle on the timing needed to capture bikes as they rip around a track. I still consider this one of the most challenging disciplines of photography but it also makes it that much more rewarding when I do get those good captures.

I will be heading back down to Barber this fall to cover MotoAmerica again as well as capturing images of events on the track during the Vintage Festival. If you are interested in hiring me to provide images for publication or team during these events please reach out to me.